Google Ads and PPC Management

Let our team of experts help you to build a winning PPC campaign and manage your budget smartly….

Our expertise in researching and selecting the right keywords; organizing those keywords into campaigns and ad groups;and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimised for conversions, deliver successful PPC advertising campaigns.

Our Google certified account manager will ensure the crucial elements of an ad campaign to increase leads and sales, so you achieve return on your investment….

  • Keywords that your customers are searching for.
  • Quality landing pages that are relevant to your customers and convert to sales
  • Maximise value from your ad budget by working with the Google Quality Score system, ensuring you achieve the highest score to achieve clicks at a lower cost.
  • Creating creative and persuasive ads to entice your customers to click
  • Create retargeting ads that help new customers get to know you and ensure every click counts.

Our Step by Step Approach to PPC Campaigns

We have a proven track record of building landing pages that on average have increased customer conversions rates in excess of 200%.

1. Tell us your goal

We want to know what you want from your campaign so we can design it for success – Tell us if you’re targeting subscriber numbers, sales or if you want to boost brand awareness. And importantly, tell us the budget you have made available for your campaign.

We use this to focus research into your competitors and relevant keywords, and build the best strategy to target your market.

2. Setting your PPC campaign

Our creative team design ads that will visually capture the attention of your customers and also incorporate keywords relevant to your business sector, products and services.

Statistics tell us that customers are unlikely to purchase after clicking for the first time – but you want value from your PPC so we build into our strategy retargeting ads. These ensure that after one click on your page customers will see your ads appear on other pages they browse. This builds the customer journey through to conversion and provides great brand exposure.

3. Managing and optimising your PPC campaign

Once we’ve created your new campaign, we will continuously analyse its performance to ensure its level of success.
It is crucial a campaign is proactively managed by adding keywords; adding non-converting words as negative keywords; closing off under-performing words; and creating more targeted ad groups to improve CTR and Quality Score.

Confused? Don’t worry, we do all this for you.

4. Performance data

Every month, we provide you with data summarizing performance results for your Google Ad account. The data is interpreted to evaluate the success of the campaign based on the goals you set at the beginning. Our clients often like to know cost per conversion as this is a great KPI of value for money from the campaign.

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