We want to help you launch your new website without the stress of hidden or unexpected costs.

Any business taking that next step to have an online presence is either experiencing growth or anticipating growth. We understand that while growth is exciting and to be celebrated, it also requires an element of caution for controlling costs and managing cashflow. That’s why we offer a simple monthly payment option from as little as £189.

So if I purchase now what can I expect to happen next?

1. Consultation

Our experienced Project Manager will schedule a meeting with you. We want to know everything that’s great about your business; what makes you unique; what are your latest products/services; do you have some amazing photography you’d like to showcase on your site, or complimentary references/reviews. We need to know your target customers currently and who you want to target in the future; do you have a strong brand that we need to capitalize on.
Be sure to let us know your expectations of the website. Tell us what colour palettes you like for your site. Do you require a Brochure style website to showcase your bespoke services/products or an Ecommerce style website that may require an online sales and payment facility?
We want to know it all because from here we will begin creating your website.

2. Content and Design

We have an expert team to write content for your site that is not only informative, engaging and persuasive to the market identified during the consultation, but also key-word rich for SEO.

Our team of designers work on the aesthetics of the site using our knowledge of what appeals to your target audience. Our designers have their finger on the pulse of what styles, fonts and layouts look great, but more importantly, what will be compelling to users.

At this stage we will produce an interactive prototype website for you to have the first look and feel. This is your opportunity to suggest changes and edits.

Depending on the scope of the project we aim to meet this milestone between 2-6 weeks after your initial consultation.

3. Development

Time for us to apply all our tech know-how to make the website easy to use and apply all the current trends of minimalism, card based design to engage mobile device users, and discreet menus using ghost buttons to avoid website navigation detracting from content and images. We’ve got all the ideas and more, which we will code into an efficient and responsive website that looks and functions optimally.

4. Proofing and Going Live

Proofing is done in partnership with you. Your website will be available to you on a secure server to test all the functions, navigation and approve the content and look. Changes can be made at this point to ensure you get the website you want for your business.

Once you’re happy with the user experience, it’s time for our developers to conduct a robust testing process to ensure your site is responsive and that SEO techniquesare performing such as titles, descriptions, and URL redirections.

Now to proudly release your business’ first digital impression to the world.

5. Maintenance

For a monthly fee of £75 we offer a technical maintenance service to our clients. This ensures your website is supported with the essential protection and technical updates so the website is reliable and continues to create a great first impression to visitors.

  • Website Hosting including SSL certificate
  • CMS & Plugin Updates
  • Backups
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Website Support (1 hour per month)
  • Firewall & Malware Protection
  • Support from our experienced team – jargon free

Contact us to discuss your Web Design Project.